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Introducing the best face scanners from TIGERSOFT, the industry leader in facial scanner technology, for recording working hours, managing clock-ins, and handling access control. The scanners are built with a high-performance face identification and processing camera system that uses a face scanner to capture time-lapse photos and communicate data in real time to prevent spoofing and erroneous records. It also has a variety of features, which you can choose from based on your organization's requirements.

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Advantages and Features of Using Face Scanners 

Tigersoft, the industry leader in facial scanner technology, can handle all of the needs of any enterprise while remaining cost-effective.

Support a Wide Range of Applications

Tigersoft's face scanners feature facial recognition capabilities to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes.

Anti-spoofing Function

Prevent clock-in substitution with animations, films, or 3D graphics using a high-accuracy face scanner.

Face Recognition Technology

The face scanner comes with a high-performance processor and an algorithm for rapid face detection and analysis.

Capture Photos while Clocking-in

If there is a problem while clocking in, the face scanner can save the user's photo for confirmation and verification. There is also a sound notification to let you know the outcome of the recording, which helps to boost convenience and accuracy.

Convenient Data Transfer via Device Management Program

When the face scanner is linked to the device management application, data is transmitted in real-time at all times. There is no need to continually fetch and send as in the past.

Connect to Payroll Data with Ease

Clock-in and clock-out data may be simply stored by the scanners. By using the scanner with Tiger Web Server, our dedicated device management software, and the payroll program from Tigersoft, your payroll operation will be easier. There's no need to purchase additional solutions.

High-performance Technology Face Scanners from TIGERSOFT

The Latest Technology for “New Normal”

The TIGERSOFT face scanner is a time recorder that combines cutting-edge technology to support New Normal work with an artificial intelligence system that can scan faces to monitor temperature and recognize faces even while wearing a mask.

Modern Operating System

Tigersoft has picked face scanners that are developed with modern operating systems and have improved upon them to enhance the capabilities and support the operations of all organizations.

Functional under Low Light Environment

Some face scanners include LED lights that switch on automatically when a user stands in front of the scanner. Other scanners can alter their brightness so that they can function properly even in low light.

Compatible with Card Authentication

Tigersoft's scanner's strong capability stems from its high-performance method and algorithm. It provides card authentication in addition to facial detection.

Highly Efficient Connection Protocol

The face scanner enables real-time connection and data transmission via a LAN network, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and 3G connectivity, based on the selected models. It allows you to control and view employee attendance data in real time.

Compatible with Access Control

The face scanner is compatible with all types of electric door lock systems, including the ability to easily set the permission to pass through the door individually.

Use the Face Scanners from TIGERSOFT

Tigersoft, a distributor of face scanners for automatic work time recording, is prepared to assist with a team of quality specialists and oversee every step of use. You can contact us for more information or a free consultation about the scanning function. Face scanners are a piece of HR equipment that every company should have.