Multipoint Systems

10-site Embedded MCU, EZDraw and EZMeetup Collaboration

The EVC900 is the perfect full HD video conferencing solution for big conference rooms or auditoriums. AVer’s range of mobility apps complement the MCU making it ideal for people who are frequently on the move but still need to connect to important conferences. The high performance MCU offers real-time full HD 1080p video streaming and content sharing as well as a full HD 16X PTZ camera, microphone array, sleek UI and compact system design that provides a cost-effective way for up to 10 sites to connect. The EVC900 allows users to enjoy smooth, clear multisite conferencing under low bandwidth conditions, making it ideal for areas with insufficient telecommunication infrastructure.


  • Break Your Communication Barriers with Simultaneous Skype for Business, H.323, and SIP Support

  • 10 Points Embedded MCU

  • PTZ 16X Optical Zoom Camera


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