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The HR and Payroll software that meets HR work requirements, including features for HRM & HRD

Efficient HRM software, essential for organizational growth, supports all HR functions across industries like manufacturing, hospitality, dining, and office settings. This all-in-one HR solution also includes features that are compliant to PDPA.

HR Software Designed for SMEs


The HR & Payroll program is designed for SMEs and simplifies complex document workflows. It efficiently manages personnel with professional accuracy.

Higher Security with Cloud

No need to worry about data loss. Your data is secure in the cloud and always up-to-date.

Control Your Expenses

No need to invest in licenses, servers, or admins. TigerSoft takes care of it all with the subscription mod

Software Functionalities

Tiger HR Openspace, an online payroll program, comes with three main modules that cover all payroll and HR needs.

Personnel Module

Store detailed employee records. Set up the time and payroll systems from a single menu for convenience. Easily import employees into the system using Excel files and generate reports in both PDF and Excel formats.

Time Attendance Module

Record employee time in accordance to the created shift. Monitor real-time information. Calculate shift rates, overtime rates, OT privileges, and fixed and hierarchical allowances.

Payroll Module

Calculate salary, tax, social security, provident fund, OT, and shift pays. Set up to 5 monthly payroll installments. Determine various tax calculations and have the salary calculation set as a pro-rata ratio.

Other Benefits from TigerSoft

Employee Self Service (ESS)​

A payroll program that provides employees with a personnel management system online. This is an HR Online program that employees can use on their own. Web Mobile Responsive is simple to use for both iOS and Android systems.

Online Work Check-in and Check-Out

Employees can use their mobile phones to record work time by specifying location, request leave, OT, and check status approval.

Work Shift & Leave

Create work shifts by setting start and end times, defining late arrival, break times, and allowing for various shift patterns. Customize shifts, wages, overtime, and leave entitlements as needed. Easily and quickly manage leave by importing CSV files.

Electronic Payslip (e-Payslip)

Viewing salary slips via mobile phone is simple and secure; simply enter a password before viewing. Check on previous salary slips and view the details in either Thai or English.

Easy Mobile Approval

Payroll reports, social security reports, and revenue reports can all be approved by management. Check business reports, review approval requests, notify the requester of amendments, and easily access employee report data via mobile phones and tablets.

Modernize Learning for Leading Organizations

Discover the top online courses for professionals. Upskill / Reskill your 21st century skills to prepare for the workplace of the future.

Explore more than 1000+ courses from over 250+ experts.

Designed to suit all work functions using modern learning principles.

Choose courses that suit your organization, readily segregated by department.

The Learning Management System and One Platform system for Your Organization


The Learning Management System is an online training and testing system for employees that clients can manage themselves.

One Box

1 GB/person storage in One Email, supports all file types, alongside customizable access, passwords, and file expiry.

One Email

Organizational email, supporting both internal and external communications, with 1 GB of secure storage.

One Chat

Internal comms app for contact addition, group chats, file and image sharing, and project management.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The payroll program is suitable for all types of businesses, whether small or large, and can be customized according to business needs and HR department operations.

The payroll program ensures high security through a Cloud System to protect salary and personal employee data from inappropriate access.

The payroll program supports a variety of platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and can also be accessed via web browsers.

The cost of the payroll program depends on the service provider and the business’s needs. Typically, prices are set based on the number of employees needed to use the service.

The payroll program can be customized according to business requirements, including setting up salary payment formats, recording leaves, calculating taxes, etc., making it a highly efficient tool.

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