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Empowering HR Efficiency with a Feature-Rich HRM Software

Streamline HR operations and fuel organizational Growth with a comprehensive HRM solution. Support employee consent requests in compliance with PDPA regulations.

A HRM Software Designed for Medium-sized Organization

User-Friendly Program

Experience Seamless Employee Information Management with Tiger eHR. Our HRM program simplifies complex document workflows, ensuring professional, accurate, and highly precise handling of human resources tasks.

Secure On-Premise Solution

Maintain Data Security with Tiger eHR's On-Premise System. Our solution enables you to securely manage your organization's database with your own team, offering full configuration options tailored to your specific needs.

All-in-One HR Solution

Maximize Efficiency with Tiger eHR, the Ultimate HR Program. Our all-inclusive HRM solution combines various functionalities into a single platform, optimizing personnel productivity while addressing all HR management needs.

An HR Software Tailored for Your Business Needs

Our innovative and technologically advanced HR Software, Tiger eHR, is designed to be highly effective, enabling seamless management of employee information. With the flexibility to customize the HRM program, it effortlessly adapts to meet the unique requirements of businesses across various industries.


Effortlessly Store Comprehensive Employee Records and Simplify Time and Payroll Management. Our intuitive interface allows you to set up time systems and payroll systems seamlessly through a single menu. Import employee data from Excel files and retrieve reports in both PDF and Excel formats with ease.

e-Time Attendance

Efficiently Track Employee Attendance, Real-Time Information, and Customizable Compensation. Record employee working hours based on their assigned shifts, while accessing real-time information. Determine shift rates, overtime fees, special allowances, and calculate fixed and hierarchical bonuses effortlessly. For hotel businesses, our Tiger eHR for Hotel program provides additional attendance support.


Streamline Salary Calculations, Taxation, and Automated Payslip Delivery. Our system efficiently calculates salaries, taxes, social security, overtime, shift fees, and offers flexible options for regular and special payroll periods. Perform various tax calculations effortlessly and deliver salary slips via email. Configure compensation calculations based on base salary and fixed income components.


Unleash the Potential of Your Workforce with Customizable Training Programs. Enjoy unlimited customization options for training details and plan ahead with ease. Generate comprehensive reports summarizing training plans and training history. Our system also supports the submission of training documents to the Department of Skill Development.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Effortlessly Manage the Powerful HRM Program on Your Own, Anytime, Anywhere

Web Time Online

Experience Real-time Work Updates via TigerSoft LINE Notify System. Stay informed with immediate alerts for clocking in and out. Receive notifications for missing or late post-processing information. Access highly secure online payslips through the LINE application, with the added security of confirming a code before opening the slip. Enjoy bilingual support in Thai and English.

Web Payslip Online

Convenient Mobile Access to Salary Slips with Enhanced Security. Easily view salary slips on your mobile phone, protected by a password authentication. Retrieve past salary slips effortlessly. Benefit from bilingual support in Thai and English.

TigerSoft LINE Notify

Stay Connected and Informed with TigerSoft LINE Notify System. Receive real-time alerts for clocking in and out, post-processing information, and access to secure online payslips via the LINE application. Protect sensitive data with code verification before opening payslips. Enjoy bilingual support in Thai and English.

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