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Revamp your organization with Smart KMS, a futuristic Knowledge Management System.

Simplify company document and knowledge management with our advanced Enterprise Knowledge Management System. Accessible on both computers and mobile devices, it provides a unified platform for knowledge sharing with employees at its core. Enjoy the convenience and security of our Cloud Service system.

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Knowledge Management in Organizations

Our knowledge management system facilitates the seamless integration of knowledge obtained through creation, invention, exchange, collection, organization, and application. This includes leveraging information from textbooks and live broadcasts, all aimed at fostering wisdom and generating valuable insights for the benefit of diverse organizations. By enabling more efficient workflows, our system enhances productivity and effectiveness.

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Highlights of SmartKMS

Boost your adaptability to business changes by harnessing knowledge from both internal and external sources.

Enhance decision-making speed and quality while significantly optimizing workflow management.

Achieve competitiveness and sustainability by effectively managing large in-house databases.

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Seamlessly Connect With a Variety of Systems

SmartKMS seamlessly integrates with a wide range of programs, including those for production management in industrial plants, hospitals, large companies, as well as marketing and business analytics programs.

Introducing SmartRobot: The Future Work Assistant

SmartRobot, an AI system, seamlessly integrates with SmartKMS and Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems to efficiently manage organizational knowledge, effectively solve problems, and provide 24/7 assistance. Elevate your organization’s efficiency and productivity with the comprehensive support of SmartRobot. 

A System Trusted by The Leading Companies

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