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TIGERSOFT: A Leading Provider of HR Software and Comprehensive HR Services

Delivering Innovative HR Solutions: Salary Programs, HR Software, and Face Recognition Scanning

We offer HR solutions, including HR software programs for human resource management, salary programs, payroll programs, and a time recorder with an installed finger/face scanner, and face recognition system. Thailand’s leading comprehensive security device that offers comprehensive services at a low cost.

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Tiger HR Openspace​

A simple online payroll program that is tailored to you. It is convenient and quick, with an efficient management system, and it only requires an Internet connection to operate.

3 Key Highlights

Saving Costs

Customize the uses based on the number of employees in the organization. Saves money for both the system and the IT team that has to manage the program. Most importantly, we have a team to handle every step of the process.

Work Anytime, Anywhere

An efficient management system requires only an internet connection to function. It can be accessed via a web browser at any time and from any location without the need to install any software.

Secured Data

All data will be stored on the cloud system under strict security. It includes backup to avoid data loss. This information will only be available to the appropriate authorities. There is no risk of information leakage.

HR Openspace On-premise

Our HR Openspace is an HR Payroll Program designed for large companies, encompassing all functions of the HR department. It includes an employee information system, salary system, time attendance system with attendance tracking functionality, online leave management system, training system, job application system, and support functions for obtaining employee consent following the PDPA.

Key Features

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Cloud Server

Support Client Server and Cloud Server configuration.

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Single Sign - On

Authenticate via Single Sign-On and access anywhere based on access level.

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Notification system for duplicate logins.

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Approval Groups

Set leave approval groups and different process line for auto-approval if the main line could not do so.

ERP System

TigerSoft and Humanica
As a trusted global ERP programming services business partner, we enable clients to empower their businesses with two top-tier ERP solutions, available both on-premise and in the cloud.

SAP Business One: The No.1 ERP System for SMEs

SAP Business One (SAP B1) provides a cost-effective solution for comprehensive business management, covering sales, CRM, finance, and operations.

Oracle NetSuite: The No.1 Cloud ERP Management Suite

Our team offers end-to-end ERP services, assisting you in designing and configuring the ideal ERP solution tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

SmartKMS (Knowledge Management System)

Introducing an Advanced Enterprise Knowledge Management Structure, a robust Knowledge Management System designed to streamline document and knowledge management for your company. It offers an effortless way to organize and manage company documents and knowledge resources.

SmartKMS Features

cover SmartKMS-11

Gather insights internally and externally to expand your knowledge. Enhance the responsiveness of your organization to business changes.

cover SmartKMS-12

Enhance the speed and quality of decision-making processes while significantly optimizing workflow management for improved efficiency.

cover SmartKMS-13

Remain competitive and sustainable through large in-house database management.

XFace Series: The Time Attendance System, Fingerprint Scanner, and Face Recognition Device

The X-Series Time Attendance Recording devices that utilize modern technology to scan faces in less than a second and allow scanning through masks. We offer low-cost devices with a wide range of functions following the New Normal.

Unique in Functions

Up to 30 Degree Face Recognition Angles

Functional in lowlight environment

Visible Light Technology quickens attendance record in 1 second

Up to 2 meters of scan distance

Connection via Wi-Fi for convenience

Turnstile Gate Security

A pedestrian gate which improves the security system’s overall safety. It helps screening people entering and exiting the organization’s areas.

Features of The Selected Turnstiles from TigerSoft

Used together with Time Attendance

Restriction on who can enter/leave the premises

Improve the safety image of an organization


Asawanont Mittrarungroj
Asawanont Mittrarungroj
HR Staff
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Wherever and whichever HR job I take, I always come back to TigerSoft program.
Chonticha Mekchamreon
Chonticha Mekchamreon
HR Manager
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Such a wonderful software with excellent support from TigerSoft!
Punn <br> Kampub
Business Owner
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TigerSoft has such a fine and durable finger scanner. It's very good!
Anuwat <br> Suampo
HR Manager
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TigerSoft is always caring for its customers.
Pattara <br> Klomwong
Payroll Staff
Read More
Well-designed payroll software with complete functionalities!
Supicha <br> Changthong
HR Manager
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TigerSoft addresses the issue at its root, making HR work much easier.
Pongpob <br> Opaspong
Assistant Manager
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Generate various reports well with complete and accurate details.
Weerasak <br> Suwannawong
Managing Director
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TigerSoft's HR software and scanners significantly boost employee productivity.